General election: Boris Johnson praises single market and freedom of movement

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been mocked for saying he’s negotiated a “great Brexit deal” for Northern Ireland because the country retains freedom of movement and access to the single market.

Speaking at a meeting of local Conservatives in Northern Ireland last night, the PM said: “Actually Northern Ireland has got a great deal. You keep free movement, you keep access to the single market, but you also, as it says in the deal, have unfettered access to [Great Britain].”


The audience in the room didn’t seem particularly enthused by Johnson’s comments, and neither was anyone else.

It’s immensely hypocritical for Johnson to advocate the merits of retaining freedom of movement and single market access, when he’s tried to impose a hard Brexit on England, Scotland and Wales – removing us from these institutions.

Indeed, if single market access and free movement are so great, why the f*ck are we leaving, Boris?

The PM has cooked up a bad Brexit deal, and now he’s trying to force feed it to the nation. As millions of people have already come to realise, the only good Brexit deal is the one we already have.

2 responses to “General election: Boris Johnson praises single market and freedom of movement

  1. Amazing. The man is surreal. I have to pinch myself when I read reports like this just to be sure I’m awake – how did that demented muppet get to be PM, really! Is that a fit representative of “the will of the people” (whatever that is meant to be in the news cycle today)?

    Disclaimer NB: Sorry to appear ableist but my mother died of dementia no longer knowing who I was, and she would have agreed with my sentiments here.

  2. Well, well, Mr Johnson… What’s so beneficial about the freedom of movement? I personally think it’s great! But why then force it upon the rest of the UK?!

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