Boris Johnson replaces senior Tory rebel Oliver Letwin with “arch Brexiteer”

Boris Johnson has replaced a sacked Tory rebel with an “arch Brexiteer”, it has emerged.

Oliver Letwin, who had the Conservative whip removed after he backed a motion stop no-deal Brexit, has been replaced by Chris Loder, according to the blog Conservative Home. He will stand in West Dorset, where Letwin has been an MP since 1997.


Loder works for South Western Railway and, until August, he was the Chairman of West Dorset Conservatives. He has been described by local press as an “arch Brexiteer”.

And Loder is not the only Brexiteer that Boris Johnson is attempting to usher into Parliament. Loder included, 13 new candidates have been named for the next general election over the last couple of weeks, and at least 12 of them are either Brexiteers or, like Theresa May, have promised to support Brexit since the referendum.

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With senior members of the central party responsible for making shortlists for candidates, which are then narrowed down at a local level, it seems feasible that Johnson is trying to pack Parliament with allies who will not vote against him in upcoming months.

Indeed, Letwin has led the effort to stop no deal, and at one time was even labelled the “backbench Prime Minister,” for his role in thwarting the government.

In a press release about his selection as a candidate, Loder said: “I’m determined to ensure that the democratic will of West Dorset is delivered”.

As recent polls have revealed that Britain now wishes to remain in the EU, we look forward to his defection to Remain.

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