Boris Johnson’s “racist language” would stop bank boss from hiring him

The chairman of a multi billion-euro Irish bank has said that he wouldn’t hire Boris Johnson due to the Tory’s “questionably racist language”.

Speaking in Donegal yesterday, Richard Pym of AIB gave candid views on the expected future Prime Minister. Aside from commenting on his “racist language”, Pym also said that Johnson would be turned down from a role at his bank because of his unkempt image and the fact he’s been dismissed from two previous roles.


Early in his career, Johnson was dismissed from The Times for fabricating two stories and later, in 2004, from Michael Howard’s cabinet for stories about an extra-marital affair. Johnson has also come under fire for his comments about minority groups – not least when he called Muslim women who wear the burqa “letterboxes”.

Pym also slammed the mentality of Brexiteers. Holding up his own British passport, he said that peace between Britain and Ireland could not have been achieved outside of the European Union. 

He claimed that many Brexiteers were merely chasing Brexit in order to forge a “close political association between US Republicans and UK Conservatives”.

Spelling out the economic damage that could be caused by Brexit, Pym said that Britain was facing a “good old-fashioned Sterling crisis”.

To sum up: the Conservative Party is about to appoint clown leader who will steer Britain towards economic catastrophe while wrecking our image on the international stage. Anyone else fancy moving to Ireland?

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