Boris Johnson “overruled” Sadiq Khan on construction workers in crucial coronavirus meeting

Sadiq Khan has claimed that Boris Johnson “overruled” him in yesterday’s COBRA meeting – when key figures decided on the scope of the government’s coronavirus lockdown.

Speaking to James O’Brien on LBC this morning, Khan claims that he made the case for construction workers to be instructed to stay at home.


However, the London Mayor claims that he was overruled by Johnson, who said they should be kept on site if necessary.

Ava-Santina, producer of O’Brien’s show, tweeted:

Johnson last night imposed stringent rules to stop the spread of coronavirus – banning gatherings of more than two people.

However, there has been confusion about whether construction staff can still go to work.

Trying to clarify the situation this morning, Michael Gove said construction workers should still be going to work while staying two metres apart and tradespeople, such as plumbers and electricians, could attend emergencies.

How exactly construction workers are supposed to stay two metres apart at all times, we have no idea.

5 responses to “Boris Johnson “overruled” Sadiq Khan on construction workers in crucial coronavirus meeting

  1. Obviously Gove has no idea about life on the average building site.
    All workers should get the same protection.
    Self-employed and zero hours workers should get the same financial help as PAYE employees during this crisis.

  2. Only carry heavy things that are over 3 meters long 😂 this ludicrous. Most are probably self employed, what would the spoilt brats in suits know about the working men ?

  3. My husband is a self employed builder and he has been asked to meet the local authority building inspector, on a private extension, to discuss the next stage of building. If LA officials are not following government advice and staying at home, how are any other workers supposed to understand the situation and what ‘lockdown’ means?

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