Boris Johnson’s ‘new’ NHS spending pledge is a sham, says health expert

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Boris Johnson has today pledged £850m extra spending on hospital upgrades. He claims it’s new money. Except, according to a senior health expert, it isn’t.

Sally Gainsbury, a senior policy analyst at the Nuffield Trust (a healthcare charity), took to Twitter yesterday evening to explain where the money is coming from.

Gainsbury says the £1bn investment is being drawn from money that the NHS has already earned “over the last 3 years in return for meeting gruelling efficiency targets.”

The government had previously said this surplus cash couldn’t be spent. Johnson has merely reversed this decision.

Ultimately, Johnson is dressing up money already accumulated by the NHS, to make it look like he’s investing more in the health service.

“No, that is not new cash for the NHS. It is rather allowing it to spend the cash it already earned,” Gainsbury says.

“It’s the equivalent of giving someone cash then banning them from spending it, only to expect cheers of jubilation when you later decide they can spend it after all.”

Another dodgy NHS spending commitment from Boris Johnson? I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

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