Boris Johnson’s new climate chief voted 15 times against measures to tackle climate change

The person who will lead the UK’s work at this year’s UN climate change conference has voted 15 times against laws to deal with the climate emergency.

In today’s reshuffle, Boris Johnson has appointed Alok Sharma MP as the president of the COP26 UN climate conference, that will be held in Glasgow later this year. He will also replace Andrea Leadsom as Business Secretary.


However, Sharma’s voting record on the issue of climate change isn’t exactly inspiring.

The website “Theyworkforyou” shows that Sharma has “generally voted against measures to prevent climate change”. In 21 votes on climate-related laws since 2011, Sharma has voted against 15, in favour of four and has abstained on two.

Notably,  Sharma has voted against requiring a strategy for carbon capture and storage from the energy industry – and against setting a decarbonisation target for the UK.

The COP26 summit is being heralded as a big moment in the effort to tackle climate change. At a critical juncture, the UK is hosting a meeting of the world’s biggest economies, in the hope of forging a solution to the climate emergency.

Judging by Sharma’s record, however, we won’t be setting our hopes too high.



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