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Boris Johnson mocked as he totally messes up signing a letter, again

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom seems totally incapable of signing a letter, it has emerged.

Last month, Boris Johnson caused a storm after “refusing” to sign a Brexit extension letter to the EU. However, new evidence suggests this could well have been unintentional – stemming from the PM’s complete inability to format a letter.


The PM sent a letter to Jeremy Corbyn yesterday evening, calling on the Labour leader to clarify his position on Brexit. A bit weird but nothing out of the ordinary for Boris Johnson.

Yet the PM bizarrely signed off the letter not with his own name, but with “The Right Honourable Jeremy Corbyn MP”.

And so, people have been speculating about why Johnson made this embarrassing blunder. Amber Massie-Blomfield suggested that the PM made the classic mistake of copying and pasting someone else’s letter format but forgetting to change the name at the bottom. Definitely a plausible theory.

But this wasn’t the only cock-up made in the letter. Lord Stewart Wood pointed out that the letter was written on official 10 Downing Street paper, despite clearly being an election stunt. Downing Street stationery should only be used for official government business, not electioneering.

“I expect the Cabinet Secretary will be having a quiet word with the PM,” Wood added.

Perhaps he could save the PM some future embarrassment and use the time to also teach Johnson how letters work. We’d all be thankful.

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