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Boris Johnson has made 12 “misleading” statements about his Brexit deal in the past day alone

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made 12 misleading statements about his Brexit deal in the past day, it has emerged.

According to Hugo Dixon, deputy chair of the People’s Vote campaign, Johnson has made six lies and six “fishy promises” in the last day alone about his Brexit deal with the EU.


Johnson has repeatedly asserted that his deal will protect workers’ rights, which Dixon highlights as false. The deal merely states that the government must tell MPs if they want to pass legislation that reduces workers’ rights.

Dixon also points out Johnson’s false promises about Northern Ireland. Boris has claimed that Northern Ireland’s default position is alignment with the UK, when that’s not the case. Johnson has also claimed that there will be no checks on goods between Britain and Northern Ireland – something that even his own Brexit Secretary admitted was false.

As well as outright lies, Dixon says that the PM has made a number of “fishy promises” in relation to his Brexit deal.

Perhaps to the Brexit Party’s dismay, Johnson’s deal will not “take back 100% control” of our fish (another one of his claims), as the political declaration says the UK and EU should try to “establish a new fisheries agreement on, inter alia, access to waters and quota shares” by next July.

Johnson has also claimed that there will be “no problems at the channel ports” or “on Kent’s roads,” despite a wealth of evidence suggesting that there will be a tonne of problems, if we crash out at the end of the transition period.

Dixon rounds off his thread by saying: “the longer the scrutiny goes on, the more [Boris Johnson’s] deal will be shown to be rotten to the core.”

Boris Johnson has always had a distant relationship with the truth, but 12 porkies in one day may be a new record.

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