More hilarious anti-Boris adverts have been installed on the London Underground

Boris Johnson has been roasted by a company in a series of London Underground adverts.

Monday.com, creators of a team management platform, have issued a series of ads on the tube, revealing both how their platform works, and the massive problems with our Prime Minister.

One advert mocks Boris for being yet another Prime Minister to have attended the posh, all-boys school, Eton College.


Meanwhile, another takes a swipe at Johnson’s failed Garden Bridge project – an unsuccessful initiative to build a bridge in London while he was the city’s Mayor. The project lost some £37 million of public money.


And Brexit has also been rinsed by Monday.com – who’ve pointed out that we’ve been stuck in a Brexit vortex for three years, with no exit in sight.


These adverts follow a series of brutal anti-Tory posters that have recently been planted on the tube by a group called fckboris.com.

With the capital city’s workers being bombarded by anti-Boris messages during their daily commutes, it seems that Boris Johnson might struggle to win their votes at the upcoming general election.

32 responses to “More hilarious anti-Boris adverts have been installed on the London Underground

  1. I am a Tory! But I would never vote for Boris!Rees Mogg!Goves! THEY are total upper crust liars? Jeremy Corbin! Dianne Abbot etc bunch of wnkrs? I think Lib dem. For me ???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. A night out with Kate Middleton to anyone who can givr me a farm animal welfare or environmental argument in favour of annual immigration of 270,000 gross.

  3. You tell lies,your unemployable,untrustworthy,that’s what you tell children .Boris don’t tell lies,in SCOTLAND we call him a Stranger to the truth,don’t even know where Eton is

  4. Leave Boris alone he is the only way one trying to solve our problems. Let’s get together and try to find a way out of the mess that parliament has caused this democratic country

  5. Keep Labour out.
    Don’t give the Etonian self promoting
    eletists the reins ‘ they know not what they do’. Don’t give the Lefties the reins either, all roads lead to Moscow.
    So what’s the alternative?

  6. Everybody needs to look not only at Brexi but at each candidate’s policies
    Anybody voting Labour today is either thick, stupid or brain dead, Corbyn is a man locked into the 1970 he would allow Unions to strike and bring this country to its knees,
    The last Labour Government were spend, spend and spend and nearly bankrupt this country
    The current Labour Goverment is not fit for purpose Corbyn is like the Pied Piper all his Shad
    ow Cabinet follow but don’t no what direction to go in, Labour cannot make decisions they are all over the place
    Lol what Labour told the youngsters at the last Election they said they would scrap tuition fees for students to win you over to vote Labour, then when they got all the youngsters to vote Labour, John McConnell said it was only an idea, to late the youngsters were lied to,
    Now we have Labour who said they would honour the 2016 referendum and leave the EU have lied again and said they would remain, so Labour is making you Labour voters Idiots to believe them
    Look what happened with security when the Russians sent over Agents to this country to try and kill people in Salisbury with a deadly poison, it was proven that it was Russian agents yet Corbyn would not condemn Putin
    Labour under Corbyn is finished he does not know what he is doing he would ruin this country and I am a Labour voter not anymore I voted for Brexi and will vote for the party which I feel will deliver that MikeG

  7. Lol there not that funny lop I think there highly distasteful!! You want a more positive tasteful campaign like the wat farage does it! 240.000 a year racing to the uk for them shitty paid London coffee shop jobs to keep the middle classes warm on there Commute, and then they can spend there hard earned minimum wage cash on one of the london bargain basement single bedrooms for £200, large variety of stock available curtesy off the bedroom tax (: wow even the social housing tenants are getting a piece of the economy!! cheer up everyone everything’s fine!!

  8. Eton could design a universal credit system that doesn’t involve leaving the house!!!! Ever
    Wow that would be the universal credit system of the universe!
    I’m sure where dead In a ditch before then

  9. Shit I was thinking of Elon musk! Not fing Eton!!! Elon is the billionaire that millionaire corbyn wants war!! But before he does he wants to destroy all the nukes or give them away to the poorer countries because he’s so good like that! Clash of the air heads!!! and in the mean time old Mcdonald can nationalise a farm!! Eee iii Eee ii oooo

  10. Tories would already have delivered Brexit had the party that said it would honour the referendum result, not kept finding ways to stop it.
    These days if the people are given a decision to make in a referendum and it doesn’t produce the result a particular party wants, they campaign for another referendum. Scottish Independence (only from UK not EU) the SNP. Exiting the EU – Labour and various others.
    Conservatives took us into Europe – Labour objected
    Conservatives signed Maastricht Treaty – Labour objected
    Conservatives now seeking to deliver the will of the people – Labour are objecting.
    All Farage will end up doing is splitting the Brexit vote and risk putting Corbyn in charge.

  11. Kate Harper you should be ASHAMED of yourself. As a woman you know that you and me cannot attend Eton. By putting up this advert Monday.com are effectively saying that NO WOMAN can become PM of the UK. Sod Anti-Boris. Women are trying to get to the top jobs; we are over 50% of the population. In no way are we reflected in public life at that level. Get off your soap box and start fighting for women’s rights. Shame on you.

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