Boris Johnson lied to business leaders about “keeping” Chancellor Sajid Javid

Boris Johnson misled business leaders about keeping Sajid Javid as his Chancellor, it has emerged.

The most persistent liar in politics told the CBI (a confederation of British businesses) in November that he would retain Javid as his Chancellor after the general election. He said:

“I’m going to give you an absolutely categorical reassurance that I will keep Sajid Javid as my Chancellor… I think he’s a great guy and I think he is doing a fantastic job.”


This morning, Boris Johnson forced Javid to resign as Chancellor, after he told Javid that he could only remain in place if he fired all of his advisers. Javid decided not to be bullied by Johnson and his lackey Dominic Cummings, and so packed his bags.

As we said repeatedly during the general election campaign: you can’t trust a word Boris Johnson says. We’ll go ahead and add this evidence to our list.


3 responses to “Boris Johnson lied to business leaders about “keeping” Chancellor Sajid Javid

  1. Boris get a grip sonny on your lies as believe me it’s not going good for your toxic reputation.
    I served in the uk so I believe now I can have my say and honestly if your bluster gets worse your big majority won’t count.

  2. Baby Trump is simply fulfilling his promise of taking back control… for himself. But on the bright side, if he’s taking back the First Lord of the Treasury role into number 10, he’s got nowhere to hide and no one else to blame when the whole project comes tumbling down.

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