Boris Johnson’s Jamaica deportations policy is so bad even the hard-right disagrees with it

Hard-right figures, including a pro-Trump student group, have come out in opposition to the government’s Jamaica deportations – showing it’s objectively a terrible policy.

Writing on Twitter, hard-right student group Turning Point UK said they agree with Labour MP David Lammy, who claims the government shouldn’t be deporting people who’ve lived in the UK since they were children.

Turning Point UK comes out against Jamaican deportations.

Yesterday, Lammy tabled an Urgent Question to Parliament after the government announced it planned to deport 50 people to Jamaica. A court order late last night ruled that some on the flight should not be deported, as they had not received sufficient access to legal support.

However, early this morning, at least 20 of the individuals were deported to their country of birth.

And Turning Point UK is not the only member of the hard-right to have backed Lammy over Johnson.

Posting on Twitter yesterday, pro-Brexit broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer said that the move was wrong:

Julia Hartley-Brewer says the Jamaican deportations are wrong.

When a group with links to Nigel Farage and Donald Trump – and a Katie Hopkins wannabe – think a policy is too extreme, it’s clear there’s a major problem.


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