The awkward similarities between Boris Johnson and the people he’s deported to Jamaica

Early this morning, the government pressed ahead with its plan to deport dozens of people to Jamaica.

Despite a court order, preventing some of the deportees from boarding, the government chartered the flight to Kingston in the early hours of this morning.


But there’s an awkward truth about the deportees, and how similar they are to Boris Johnson, that has been pointed out by campaigners.

Speaking to BBC Newsnight yesterday, Bella Sankey of Detention Action pointed out that many of the people the government deported “are as British as Boris Johnson. That’s the truth. They’ve been here since they were in nappies.”

Indeed, like many of the people deported this morning, Boris Johnson was born in a foreign country.

Johnson was born in New York while his father was studying at Columbia University, before moving to England when he was just a year old.

And while it’s true that the Jamaica deportees are serious or persistent criminals, Johnson doesn’t exactly have a clean record himself. As someone tweeted yesterday:

Indeed, Johnson has admitted having used cocaine at university, and was a member of the Bullingdon Club – an Oxford society that trashed restaurants for “fun”.

And let’s not forget that the PM unlawfully shut down Parliament last year.

A posh accent doesn’t make you immune from the law.


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3 responses to “The awkward similarities between Boris Johnson and the people he’s deported to Jamaica

  1. As a member of the Bullingdon Club, he also burned money in front of poor & homeless people – as far as I am aware, the act of defacing the legal tender of Great Britain, since it carries an image of the Monarch, is illegal.

  2. ….and if you do not have any illegal to link to Boris Johnson, just investigate closely as there will be one for sure! Just like the one today when he denied or ignored the Legal decision by the Court! Can he just ignore the law? If so, so can I….

  3. Its hard to decide who to despise most…the baying forelock tugging idiots who think Johnson is a clever toff who shares their baser instincts or the narcissistic, hair ruffling, overgrown child whose lies and fantasies will lose them what little they have..
    Oscar Wilde wrote ‘The good are rewarded, the wicked are punished. That is what fiction means’
    As true in todays soap opera/reality show existence as it was when he wrote it.

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