Boris Johnson has “put our democracy in crisis,” says Labour MP

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Labour MP David Lammy has scolded Boris Johnson for sacrificing British democracy for his own political goals.

Johnson published a skin-crawling video on Twitter this morning, with the caption: “We are going to restore trust in our democracy.”

In response, Lammy pointed out that Johnson – a person selected as Prime Minister by just 0.2% of UK voters – is attempting to drive through a type of Brexit that no-one voted for. Lammy said:

Brexiteers have tried to own the idea that they alone are standing up for democracy in the UK. However, as pro-Remain lawyer Jolyon Maugham pointed out a couple of days ago: “48% of the country voted to Remain. 0% voted to Leave with No Deal.”

If Boris wants to respect democracy, he should take Brexit back to the people.

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