Boris Johnson’s government considering a vote of no confidence in itself

The Conservative government is considering calling for a vote of no confidence in itself, according to reports.

Matt Garrahan, News Editor of the Financial Times, spotted on the BBC last night that Johnson may attempt to bring down his own government through a vote of no confidence.


It’s difficult to imagine how this plan wouldn’t backfire, given the memes that would inevitably emerge from the government essentially admitting its own incompetence.

However, the government clearly believes this is one of the only ways it can force a general election in mid-October – something opposition parties are refusing.

Under normal circumstances, a general election can only be called if two-thirds of MPs vote for one. However, you only need a simple majority to defeat the government in a no confidence vote. After that point, if opposition parties can’t put together the number of MPs needed to form a government within two weeks, a general election is called.

Someone in government obviously thinks a vote of confidence is a cunning plan to force Jeremy Corbyn’s hand. Currently, though, it looks like the sort of “cunning plan” that would have been written by Baldrick.

25 responses to “Boris Johnson’s government considering a vote of no confidence in itself

  1. Clearly Johnson’s whipped MPs would be lying if they voted “We do not have confidence in our own government”. All the combined opposition would have to do is lie in return by voting “We do have confidence in this government”.

  2. What a good idea, then we can get this election over and done with and get out of the EU on the 31st October. Because Labour haven’t got a chance in hell of getting into government

    1. All he needs to do is stare that if the EU Grant’s an extension that if he wins the election we will leave with no deal and you get no 39 billion up to them

  3. Much more likely Boris will ask the Queen not to pass the surrender treaty into law.
    Or Ask the EU for the three month extension with the proviso that we charge them £39bn for the extra imprisonment.

  4. MR Cameron when granted the UK people a vote stated it was either in or out not out with a deal ! How dare our elected politicians say we did not vote to leave without a deal and we the voters dont know what we were doing. I wish Prime Minister Johnson all the luck in the world in trying to do what the majority of the UK (which in case the Scots/Welsh and Northern Ireland are not aware includes them just in case the Mayor of London forgets that also includes London!! ) voted for and that is to leave without a deal

  5. Boris is delusional. Also admits he would rather die in a ditch. Please send mental health team round . To section him . For our safety and his own.

  6. It never surprises that common sense goes out the window with brexit. Would you get a loan for a house from the first person to offer it without checking. No , so why is it wrong to try and get a deal.

    Better than well I couldn’t be arsed to go to any lenders. Just went with the default offer even if better ones were out there. I am sure it will now be all brexit is brexit 400 billion will come back from the EU as a big red bus said or oh no we don’t want no EU army, but happy to be in NATO.

    Let’s actually put this in a more common sense setting. Try and get something better over a longer period of time then rush out due to hearing it’s like Oak land furniture village sales and it must end 31st of October. Think about the long term future for all. Even if you are financially secure or not.

  7. We have a remain Parliament who don’t just want to stop no deal, they want to stop Brexit. If Boris puts forward a no confidence vote in his own government all the others will simply abstain so it won’t go through and all Boris will achieve is further humiliation. All the opposition parties don’t want an election because they are afraid of losing their seats and losing the control they are enjoying and abusing.
    When you listen to people like Emily Thornberry saying that she would negotiate a good deal but then campaign against it you realise how arrogant and fanatical these people are. It doesn’t matter how many ordinary people vote a particular way in a referendum, if it is not to their liking it is wrong and will not be implemented. They think they have a God given right to be right.

  8. This whole farce has consisted of game playing with MPs bending rules and acting in their own interests. Whatever needs to be done for a general election BEFORE OCTOBER 31st, where the electorate will choose between two polar opposite camps then let it happen. I think we inderstand the games. At least B.J. is not scared of an election.

  9. We should have an election asap and all them idiot MPs can lose their seats because they are meant to represent us and we voted leave so just get on with it and get us out of the EU we dont need a deal we can be Great Britain again all them MPs dont know the meaning of democracy unless it’s what they want it’s about time we had someone like Boris Johnson to do what we have asked for

  10. Let Boris do his job weather getting a deal or not, just get us out for god’s sake. He is supporting the vote to leave and we admire him for his courage in trying to fulfil it. Do not let them Bullie you Boris we the leavers are behind you. Hope you find a way to follow your conviction and our vote to leave the EU.

  11. To think the remain supporting shower were voted in by many leave voters, they should be ashamed to say they represent democracy!

  12. Boris is no fool. The Queen will always act on the advise of her Prime Minister. Boris just needs to ask her to delay Royal ascent to this bill, or to veto it, and he will be able to go to Brussels with the negotiating strength to get a better deal, or leave on October 31st with no deal. If she does not give ascent to the Bill by October 15th, it’s dead in the water, and Boris will not be breaking any law by not asking for an extension to Brexit.

    He will Checkmate Jeremy Corbyn on Monday, and I can’t wait to see him do it. Then the UK will leave the EU on October 31st with no deal, and then there will be an election which Boris will win by a vast majority. Then Boris can negotiate trade agreements with the EU post Brexit from a stronger position.

  13. We are forgetting one thing. This is the work of the Almighty God. The stone that Nebuchadnezzar, the king saw, hit the image of the man at the feet and break up the entire image. Read Daniel 2, KJV.

  14. It’s always an abuse of power, a modern day game of thrones to have control and manipulation. Everyone is sick of hearing about brexit now it’s dragged on far to long and has become a embarrassment for our country each day that lingers.realistically how far have we gone with this form of policy where bullying and manipulation is how you gain favour to take control which is what they all fear losing. We’re in theory meant to evolve as time goes on. Have faith in us, trust in us but don’t forget we’re the most corrupt people out there with scandal apon scandal but hey have faith in a broken system with a universally system which is inevitable to fall and crumble beneath them. A small portion have faith in politicians now because sadly its one part of our legacy which will forever be tainted.

  15. They told us to leave so we said ok. They told us we could be like Norway and keep all the benefits of being inthe single market. We said “that sounds ok, I could live with that”. The ERG and the DUP said “NO!”. We looked at Switzerland, they do alright, can we be like them so we don’t entirely damage a good trading relationship? “RULE TAKERS and VASSALS” they screamed at us. Well, we definately don’t like Theresa May’s WA but with a few tweaks it could be an unhappy compromise, “Juncker in the Bunker” they shouted and voted it down. Well, what’s left,we ask? “No deal, ” they cry.
    “I never voted for that”,
    “oh yes you did” they shout, only a traitor would accept anything less. And here we are, all compromise has been struck down by the extremist in the ERG and the DUP and we are at the end of the line. We either accept no deal and the chaos that ensures or we stand up for ourselves as moderates and get labelled traitors. What a world..

  16. labour are holding the coutry to ransom. thay never wanted to leave at all.if you put corby in number ten you tri getting him out . he will run this country in to the ground.all he supports the IRA . we could never. have anyone like that ever boris is only tring to get the job done and leave and the video of a labour MP HAVING A GO AT CUMMINGS WAS VERY STONG ITS NOT BORIS TELLING PEOPLE TO BE NASTY ITS LABOUR WHO ARE BAD BY KEEPING THE COUNTY FROM LEAVING. AND ALL PAST PRIMINSTERS SHOULD SUPORT BORIS AND NOT INTERFEAR.CALL A GENRAL ELECTSION DONT BE AFRADE CORBY IF WE DONT GET RID NOW WE WILL LATER

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