Boris Johnson’s government considering a vote of no confidence in itself

The Conservative government is considering calling for a vote of no confidence in itself, according to reports.

Matt Garrahan, News Editor of the Financial Times, spotted on the BBC last night that Johnson may attempt to bring down his own government through a vote of no confidence.


It’s difficult to imagine how this plan wouldn’t backfire, given the memes that would inevitably emerge from the government essentially admitting its own incompetence.

However, the government clearly believes this is one of the only ways it can force a general election in mid-October – something opposition parties are refusing.

Under normal circumstances, a general election can only be called if two-thirds of MPs vote for one. However, you only need a simple majority to defeat the government in a no confidence vote. After that point, if opposition parties can’t put together the number of MPs needed to form a government within two weeks, a general election is called.

Someone in government obviously thinks a vote of confidence is a cunning plan to force Jeremy Corbyn’s hand. Currently, though, it looks like the sort of “cunning plan” that would have been written by Baldrick.

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