Boris Johnson’s former boss: “He’s less fit to be Prime Minister than my Labrador”

Boris Johnson’s former boss at The Telegraph has torn down the Prime Minister – warning that the country is in the hands of a self-obsessed fantasist.

Max Hastings, who was Editor of The Telegraph while Johnson was Brussels Correspondent for the paper during the late ’80s and early ’90s, spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO this afternoon, and gave a damning assessment of the PM.


He called Johnson a “fantasist” who has “has never had much grip of reality”.

He also said that, if he had known about Boris’s ambitions, he would have warned anyone thinking about appointing him as PM they were “out of their minds”.

Hastings carried on to say:

“He’s completely self-obsessed… With Johnson, everything’s always been about Johnson. The only people who think he’s a nice guy are those who don’t know him… I think he’s less fit to be Prime Minister than my Labrador.”

These comments escalate Hastings’ criticism of his former protege. Prior to Johnson’s appointment as PM, the former Telegraph Editor wrote a piece saying that Johnson was “utterly unfit to be Prime Minister”.

It seems that, since seeing him in office, Hastings is even more convinced that he was right. We wonder why.

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