Boris Johnson slammed for “humiliating” Cabinet in first meeting

A day after his controversial reshuffle, the Prime Minister has been slammed for “humiliating” his new Cabinet in its first meeting today.

According to reporters, Boris Johnson “engaged in a call and response” with the Cabinet – asking them to repeat the Conservatives’ manifesto pledges.


Writing on Twitter, backbench Labour MP David Lammy responded to the news by saying the PM had “lobotomised” Cabinet ministers, and that they should resign out of humiliation.

And this is not the first time Johnson has attempted this sort of stunt.

In December, Johnson played the same routine, even repeating some stats that had been widely debunked.

Continuing to treat senior Cabinet ministers like school children will merely fuel the concern that Johnson is ruling over Britain like a dictator.

For the good of the country, and democracy, they should all resign.


7 responses to “Boris Johnson slammed for “humiliating” Cabinet in first meeting

  1. Should all resign
    For the sake if there own self respect.
    He is a bully and can not be trusted…
    Think of your own self worth..not net worth. Money is not everything .but democracy is…

  2. It’s heading in the same direction things went in the 1930’s in central Europe. Think back and the patterns are all there! It’s time Anna Soubry and others began to speak out befor it becomes too late. Stand by for another Prorogation of Parliament and this a lot longer.

  3. I wonder if they’re all sitting there thinking, “who is this looney?”, “Better go along with it if I am going to keep my job.” “We were seduced by his beautiful words, we believed and were just obeying orders.”

  4. You blame the Tory deadheads who elected him and the 43% of the electorate who trusted him. He’s got where he is by the stupidity of others.

    Jeremy Corbyn might be a lot of things but he’s not as bad or evil as this cretin and his sidekick Goebbels-Cummings.

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