Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings are political soulmates, says former Tory leader

Boris Johnson and his closest ally Dominic Cummings are political soulmates, according to former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith.

Speaking on talkRADIO this morning, the widely-hated former Tory premier said that Cummings is merely doing Boris Johnson’s bidding.


He said that Johnson has hired Cummings as a close personal adviser because he “shares his view” of politics.

“They share the same view,” IDS reiterated – claiming that Cummings is not pushing around the Prime Minister. Indeed, it has been said that Cummings forced out Chancellor Sajid Javid in yesterday’s reshuffle, and is effectively now running the government.

In an understatement of the century, IDS went on to say that Cummings is “not the most diplomatic man in the world,” but that he was brought in to shake up the system – under Johnson’s orders.

So essentially this means we have two maniacs, hand-in-hand, running the country and f*cking over our democracy.

God help us all.



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One response to “Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings are political soulmates, says former Tory leader

  1. There are 3 basic principles of group dynamics which are unconscious, irrational and extremely powerful, also known as Bion’s Basic Assumptions, (1) Dependency, (2) Fight-Flight, (3) Pairing. (1) the “Group” seeks and needs a leader to solve all of its problems. (2) The “Group” seeks and needs an external threat/enemy to mobile against in fight or flight. (3) The “Group” seeks and needs a creative or fertile pairing to miraculously produce a saviour (a person, idea, movement etc.) All of this operates at the level of fantasy and without capacity for reality testing or boundaries becomes destructive and insane.

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