Giant image of Boris Johnson as a criminal projected onto Parliament

If Boris Johnson had walked along the banks of the Thames earlier today, he might have got a shock. A giant image of the Prime Minister had been projected onto Parliament to protest against his threats to disobey MPs and force through a no-deal Brexit.

The graphic, which was projected by campaign group Led by Donkeys, shows a mugshot of Boris Johnson holding a placard in front of a height chart. The placard read:

“Parliament makes the law. Boris Johnson says he might break it. Is the Prime Minister a criminal?”


It comes as Boris Johnson’s attempt to suspend Parliament for five weeks has been ruled illegal by the highest court in Scotland.

Before Boris prorogued Parliament, MPs voted for legislation requiring the PM to ask for a Brexit extension, if he doesn’t reach a deal with the EU by 19th October.

However, senior government officials have promised to “sabotage” the plan and force through Brexit on 31st October no matter what, while Johnson has said he would “rather die in a ditch” than ask Brussels for an extension.

If Johnson flouts the law passed by MPs, he could go to jail. Maybe he could share a cell with Trump?

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