Boris Johnson spent £25k advertising Brexit day on Facebook. Guess how much he’s spent on coronavirus ads?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official Downing Street Facebook account spent £25,000 advertising the PM’s Brexit day speech.

Guess how much he has spent on adverts, warning us about coronavirus?




That’s right… Nothing… £0.

Facebook records show that the “UK Prime Minister” account spent close to £25,000 on three adverts, in the run-up to 31st January, promoting the fact we were leaving the European Union.

Indeed, between £15k and £20k was spent on one advert alone, featuring a snippet of the Prime Minister’s Brexit day speech.

In contrast, there have been precisely no adverts paid for by this account, informing people about the government’s advice on coronavirus.

And the PM’s official Facebook page is not the only one in hibernation.

Boris Johnson’s personal Facebook account has similarly abandoned adverts over the past couple of months – spending exactly £0 since 13th December 2019, the day after the general election.

Indeed, Johnson’s outlay on Facebook ads during the general election showed a very different trend. The Tory leader pumped over £200,000 into adverts on the platform, reaching tens of millions of people.

And the story is very similar in relation to the official “UK government” Facebook channel.

This account has recently finished a barely-veiled pro-Tory advertising drive, celebrating regional economic investments.

However, so far, the UK government account hasn’t paid for a single advert about coronavirus. For example, advising people how they can reduce their risk of catching the virus.

It’s worth mentioning that the NHS is paying for adverts about coronavirus. However, the majority (four out of seven) of these adverts have only started running in the past four days.

As Scram News readers will remember, the government spent millions of pounds trying to “prepare” businesses for a no-deal Brexit – an advertising campaign that became redundant (for now) after we signed a Brexit deal.

It consequently seems logical that the government would spend a bit of money keeping us safe from a deadly virus, right?

Not in the world of Boris Johnson, apparently.


13 responses to “Boris Johnson spent £25k advertising Brexit day on Facebook. Guess how much he’s spent on coronavirus ads?

  1. What is the point of this comparison? You don’t put ads out during health crises, you do speeches and talks, which is what he has been doing! Nice try Sam

  2. Better Brexit ads that lie than informative ads that tell the truth about a life threatening virus then?The Brexit unicorns still abound!

        1. Yes… Boris Johnson is a murderer… Jeeezus, what a load of fruitcakes we have here.

          This is a global pandemic outbreak across the world and the whole of Europe I think people are forgetting. It’s a never before seen virus and has no vaccine. This is definitely “Boris’s” fault…

          Tony Blair the war criminal cost many lives, literally! Boris and Tony are not the same.

  3. He has stood up to the plate? He and his sorry mob have done nothing but cause confusion, saying one thing one minute and then having to correct themselves 2 minutes later. I wish I’d voted remain now if we have to rely on these idiots to get us decent trade deals with the EU, USA and the rest of the world. Heaven help us.

    1. Soooo because of the Coronavirus global pandemic outbreak… you wish you had voted remain?

      What a fruitcake!

  4. What a ridiculous article. 2020 budget was the biggest and best budget we’ve had in decades and all you can do is criticise the man! We have a prime minister whose actually looking out for the British people’s interests. We voted leave. Under Boris, we left. It was that simple all along. We could do with less remoaning doom mongers in this country. So do yourselves and all of us a favour, stay in isolation and don’t ever come out. That way the country can actually move forward and not be held back by idiots like you!

  5. Behold here the fucking morons who think Facebook is for serious matters and not just for advertising parties and your lame mom.
    You are truly stunted if you think that number should be anything higher than 0.
    It is actually vital that politicians under no circumstances give morons like you the idea that Facebook is ever a valid source of information.
    If you were in anyway a journalist you would have realized this yourself

  6. Hey everybody, here’s an idea! Let’s spend £25.000 advertising on Facebook about information we already know of… No?

    Stay at home.
    Go out if absolutely necessary.
    Essential shopping only.
    Stay 2m apart from one another.
    Go back home.
    Wash hands regularly.
    Watch TV.
    Laugh at Jeremy Corbyn.
    Repeat daily.

    It’s that simple. That’s all you’ve been asked to do.

    For those who are out of work maybe try a temping agency for now and then return to your primary job after the Coronavirus outbreak. If you can’t or won’t do that then just sit and wait for government handouts because the world owes you a living… No?

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