Boris Johnson would not win general election, says former adviser

Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party would not win an upcoming general election, a former adviser has suggested.

Speaking to Sky News, Jason Stein, who was an adviser to Theresa May and more recently Amber Rudd before she resigned, said that the party had been undertaking behind the scenes modelling and polling which revealed that they would not win enough seats to gain a majority in an election.


He said: “We are looking at picking up roughly 295 to 300 seats”, meaning that the Conservative Party would fall short of the 325 seats needed to form a majority in Parliament.

Stein added that the party stands to lose seats in London, the South West and in Scotland and said that they need to replace them.

He added:

“Number 10 themselves will privately tell you, this will be a tough election, they’re not expecting this to be the land of milk and honey.”

Last week, Boris Johnson failed to trigger a new general election before proroguing Parliament this evening. He also gave up his majority by firing Tory MPs who voted against him. It now seems that his premiership is slipping away more rapidly than he may have guessed.

One response to “Boris Johnson would not win general election, says former adviser

  1. Boris is a proven liar! He will screw the people of Britain in a heart beat and he needs to be stopped. The only way around this is to ask people what they really want in another referendum with leave with a deal, leave without a deal or remain, because then we would really get the will of the people, I personally voted leave last time but would definitely vote remain in another “people’s vote” because the small semblance of trust an respect I had for the Conservative party (which was pretty small to begin with) is now gone and I don’t trust a word that comes out of Boris Johnson’s mouth even his own family an friends don’t trust him

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