Boris Johnson’s Cabinet dominated by privately educated

In a sign that the Conservative Party is still stuck in a different century, figures show that the overwhelming majority of Boris Johnson’s new Cabinet were educated at private school.

Analysis from the Sutton Trust has found that 65% of Johnson’s Cabinet attended fee-paying schools, despite the fact that only 7% of the general population is educated privately.


64% of Johnson’s previous Cabinet were educated privately – meaning that the proportion of privately-educated ministers hasn’t shifted much with yesterday’s changes.

However, Johnson’s has marked a break from Theresa May’s regime. In May’s 2016 Cabinet, 30% of members had been privately educated.

Johnson, who himself was educated at Eton, has also ramped up the number of private school graduates compared to his old chum David Cameron. 50% of Cameron’s 2015 Cabinet had been educated privately.

Indeed, you literally have to reach into the previous millennium to find a Cabinet with so many private school kids: John Major’s 1992 Cabinet, where 71% of members had attended private institutions.

Johnson has also drawn his Cabinet from a narrow set of universities – with 50% of ministers having attended either Oxford or Cambridge.

The Prime Minister claims his government speaks for the whole of the UK. In reality, it speaks for a super-wealthy elite.



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