Boris Johnson once said Britain should recolonise Africa

Boris Johnson once suggested that Africa should be returned to colonial rule, it has been revealed.

Writing for the Spectator in 2002, Johnson defended colonialism, claiming it helped the region prosper.


He said:

“The problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge any more.”

“The best fate for Africa would be if the old colonial powers, or their citizens, scrambled once again in her direction”.

His comments were in response to Tony Blair’s Labour Party conference speech in which he said that Africa was “a scar on the conscience of the world”.

Johnson said Blair was wrong and that Britain had helped the continent.

He added that Britain helped Ugandan markets by planting coffee, cotton and tobacco.

“If left to their own devices, the natives would rely on nothing but the instant carbohydrate gratidication of the plantain,” he said.

As well as defending colonialism, he used his comments to descend into casual racism, saying: “We may treat them like children, but it’s not because of us that they behave like the children in Lord of the Flies.”

Rounding off his piece, Johnson discussed Uganda by saying: “This is still a country where too many people squat on their haunches, slowly waving their hands to move the flies from their faces. Too many people are rootling aimlessly for rubbish, competing with the marabou storks.”

Indeed, Boris Johnson’s descriptions of Africans have courted controversy in the past. Also during his illustrious journalism career, he said Africans were “piccaninnies with watermelon smiles”. He was further accused of racism after describing young people with “an almost Nigerian interest in money”.

Not limiting himself to Africans, Johnson once also wrote an article mimicking a Chinese air stewardess’ accent.

Last summer, a bank boss said Johnson’s history of racist comments meant he would never be hired in the world of finance. Nevertheless, this man is now the Prime Minister of the UK.

We have no idea why, either.



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