Unearthed: “Shocking” Boris Johnson article mimicking accent of Chinese air stewardess

Another one of Boris Johnson’s offensive past articles has been unearthed, during which the Prime Minister crudely mimicked a Chinese air hostess.

Writing in his capacity as Editor of The Spectator in 2003, Johnson penned a diary about a recent visit to India, to attend a wedding. Recalling the flight home, Johnson said that he was woken up by a “sweet-faced Chinese stewardess standing over me in the aisle seat”.


Johnson then went on to imitate the accent of the stewardess, writing that the she said: “Prease sir, prease come with me. I have found a better seat for you in row 52.”

Johnson explains he was offered a new seat due to the squabbling children next to him, which the stewardess warned could lead to an “incident”.

However, when one of the children pointed out that Johnson was his father, the stewardess apologised. Johnson recalls that she said: “Oh. Velly solly.”

This culturally insensitive column was unearthed by Financial Times China Reporter Tom Hancock, who said: “Just became aware of this shocking passage about Chinese airline staff written by… Britain’s Prime Minister.”

Johnson also used the diary to criticise the Hindu nationalist BJP party in India, who he accused of “aggressive saffron-hued extolling of Hindu culture.”

Not content to leave the crude references there, Johnson compared the BJP to Hitler and then the Labour Party – saying that Labour were drumming up a culture war over fox hunting, in the same way that the BJP were over Muslims.

A reminder: this man is not only our Prime Minister, he is in charge of a policy (Brexit) that will determine the next 100 years of British history. God help us all.

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