Boris Johnson aide Andrew Sabisky claimed “ethnic diversity” fuels death of white people

Controversial new Downing Street hire Andrew Sabisky once said that ethnic diversity contributes to the death of white Americans, Scram News can reveal.

Writing in 2016 for Quillette, a free-speech platform co-edited by Toby Young, the political “super forecaster” said that increased ethnic diversity leads to white Americans being “displaced” from the workforce and losing their “community”. He claims the end result is alcoholism, drug use and suicide – a situation he terms “The White Death”.


Writing about the outsourcing of white, working-class jobs, he said:

“Faced with such shocks, workers whose jobs have been outsourced often do not relocate or upgrade their skillsets. They drop out of the labour force, subsist on disability benefits or low-paid temporary work, and kill themselves one way or another.”

He added that close communities protect white people from these fates, but that immigration was eroding their cohesion. He added:

“Safety valves of complex commnity rituals, however, are rarely robust to rapid cultural churn.

“The White Death sits on a throne of ethnic diversity.

“A consequence of increased diversity is often decreased social trust and lowered participation in the exact same community social networks that constitute a healthy ritual ecology.”

Earlier this year, Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings wrote a rambling blog post calling for “weirdos and misfits” to apply to work in Downing Street, sparking mockery from pundits.

While he may have intended to grab the attention of unusual characters, it seems his siren call has attracted quite an exceptional brand of “weirdo”.

Further reports show that in 2014 Sabisky said compulsory contraception could be used to stop a “permanent underclass” while he also defended eugenics in an interview with Schools Week.

Sabisky has also said that black Americans have a lower IQ than white Americans and that there could be genetic reasons for “the very real racial differences in intelligence”.

But while his comments have prompted calls for his dismissal, Downing Street has failed to condemn his remarks, and has even refused to say whether the Prime Minister agrees with him.

Sabisky also cited an essay, Bowling Alone, written by the “alt-right”‘s favourite academic Robert Putnam, to further his claims about “White Death” in America. The essay said that diversity was “overrated,” because it leads to a loss of “social capital” and lack of trust among communities.

Responding to Sabisky’s controversies, Jon Trickett, Labour’s shadow Cabinet Office minister, said: “There are really no words to describe Boris Johnson’s appointment as one of his senior advisers a man who is on record as supporting the forced sterilisation of people he considers not worthy. He must of course be removed from this position immediately.”

Meanwhile, Ed Davey, acting leader of the Liberal Democrats, called the Tory government “a national embarrassment”.

With revelations about Sabisky still ongoing, the government will face more pressure to fire the “misfit” before he is able to influence Downing Street in any meaningful way.




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