Boris adviser mocked rebel Tory MPs in Downing Street, say reports

Boris Johnson’s puppet master Dominic Cummings taunted rebel Conservative MPs in Downing Street earlier today, according to reports.

Paul Waugh of the Huffington Post says that Cummings, who has a reputation for intimidation, “hectored” rebel Tory MPs “for an extended period of time,” while they were waiting for a meeting with the Prime Minister.


Cummings apparently rounded off his barrage by saying “I don’t know who any of you are!”

A government source responded by saying that Cummings did not hector the MPs, but he did indeed speak to a few of the MPs as they waited.

Johnson tried to use the meeting to persuade Tory MPs not to vote for legislation over the next two days that would block no deal. Apparently the meeting ended badly, following a fierce clash between Johnson and former Chancellor Philip Hammond.

Given Cummings’ intervention, it’s not difficult to see why.

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