All the bizarre things that happened at the Brexit Party’s election rally in Hull

Nigel Farage’s road trip continued today with a visit to Hull, where he announced that former Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry would be standing for the Brexit Party. We watched the rally so you didn’t have to, and here are some of the strangest things that happened:

David Bull can’t figure out whether he trusts Boris

David Bull, a Brexit Party MEP who’s also running for the party in Sedgefield, introduced the rally. He noted that Farage had made a pact with the Conservatives, saying that the Brexit Party were going to take Boris “at his word” on promises made about the transition period.


But, only moments later, Dr Bull asked the crowd: “Do you trust Boris?” “No!”, they shouted back.

Yet he’s, er, taking Boris at his word.

Derek Abram on the business of politics

The Brexit Party’s candidate for Hull North has potentially been misled by the corporate structure of the Brexit Party Ltd – thinking this is how all of politics operates.

He said: “In my view, the House of Commons is the most high profile boardroom in the country”, which is an interesting interpretation of Parliamentary democracy.

Nigel Farage slams Tories for his own decision

Farage also railed against the attitude of the Tories towards Brexit Party candidates. He claimed that “What is going on right now is nothing short of disgraceful. There is a full scale attempt, going on out there as I speak, to stop men and women freely putting themselves up before the UK electorate.”

But it was Farage, of course, who made the unilateral decision to pull candidates from Conservative-held seats.

The Brexit Party’s dumped candidates still have time to run as independents with the deadline for nominations closing later this afternoon, and several have already declared they will do so.

Farage also reiterated that he wouldn’t be voting Conservative.

Disco ball

Perhaps most bizarrely, the whole event was hosted in what looked like a party tent, with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

It seems unlikely, however, that Farage will be dancing the night away on 12th December.

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