BBC Question Time: Two Muslim women tackle right-wing journalist for defending Boris comments

Two Muslim women launched a brilliant put down of a right-wing journalist on BBC Question Time yesterday evening.

Defending Boris Johnson’s description of Muslim women who wear the burka as “bank robbers” and “letterboxes”, American journalist Lionel Shriver said the PM was just being “light hearted”.


After the whole audience literally winced at this comment, two Muslim women decided to tell Shriver why exactly Johnson’s comments were more than just “light-hearted”.

The first woman said that after Johnson made the “letterboxes” comment, people tackled her on the street and told her to “go back to your own country”. She was born in the UK.

“Take responsibility,” she told Shriver, before another Muslim woman joined the onslaught against the increasingly pale-faced journalist.

“You are spreading hate by saying that,” the second woman added. “You’re spreading hate and racism.”

Shriver tried to mount a final defence of Johnson, insisting that he was trying to stand up for the rights of Muslim women “to wear whatever they want.”

However, the first woman made light work of that argument, saying that the right of Muslim women to wear whatever they want also includes the right to safely wear the burka or the niqab, without getting abused.

Shriver was attempting to defend the indefensible. She should learn that’s not a very wise strategy on national television.