BBC Question Time anti-immigrant ranter has links to the far-right

A woman who launched an anti-immigrant rant on BBC Question Time last week is an active supporter of the far-right Scram News can reveal.

The BBC drew fierce criticism last week for giving a platform to a woman called Sherri Peach.


Peach used her moment in the Question Time limelight to falsely claim that immigrants are “flooding” the country – clogging up public services and sponging off benefits.

“What sort of country is allowing this tourism to come in?” she asked.

“You arrive on a plane. You get free services. You can have your babies. You can just carry on having it all for free,” she alleged.

BBC Question Time not only hosted Peach on the show, they distributed her vile rant on social media, which has gained 6.6m views on Twitter alone.

However, Scram News can reveal that the BBC gave a platform to someone who actively supports the far-right.

We have discovered Peach’s Twitter account, which hints at her political leanings. Although she has only tweeted 27 times over 11 years, her latest post is in support of far-right gammon party Britain First. It says:

Peach is referring to Jayda Fransen, the former deputy leader of Britain First. The day Peach sent the tweet, President Donald Trump had shared a anti-Muslim post from Fransen – something we know has driven new recruits to the far-right group.

Britain First is an openly Islamophobic party – known for its aggressive street protests against Muslims. Last month, for example, Britain First thugs stormed a Muslim council meeting, claiming it was promoting a “barbaric, medieval system of law”.

Out of the remaining 26 posts on Peach’s account, six of them profess her “love” for Nigel Farage, who is famously a regular guest on Question Time, despite never having been elected as an MP.

Peach follows just 15 people on Twitter, the majority of whom are right-wing or far-right political figures from the UK and United States.

She doesn’t exclusively follow political accounts, however. Peach also follows the co-founder of Peekaboo Vintage – a clothing boutique that supplies to Topshop and ASOS.

The company is owned by Emily Bothwell. It has been confirmed to Scram News by a family member that Bothwell is Peach’s daughter, while we have also seen pictures of the two together.

Indeed, Bothwell is the surname of Sherri Peach from an earlier marriage, perhaps hinting at a longer association with the far-right than just a few positive tweets about Britain First.

A Sherri Bothwell stood in the general elections of February and October 1974, in the constituency of Leyton – representing the National Front.

Founded by a former member of the British Union of Fascists, the National Front espouses various forms of racism, not least that only white people should be citizens of the UK, and that we should impose racial segregation.

It’s worth noting that this could be a coincidence. We have no concrete proof (yet) that this is the same Sherri Bothwell. But it could also be the case that the BBC’s flagship political debate programme gave a platform to the former candidate of an overtly racist party.

If anyone has any additional information about Peach’s alleged links to the National Front, let me know: @Scram_Sam

Adding to the evidence of Peach’s close ties to the far-right, a photo resembling Peach has also been doing the rounds on social media for the past couple of days. She looks to be holding a sign in support of far-right gremlin Tommy Robinson, at a rally calling for his release from prison in June, 2018.

A video published yesterday evening confirmed that this is indeed a photo of Peach. The clip shows Peach at the rally, calling for Tommy Robinson’s release from prison, and saying that Muslims are “taking over our country”.

We have also found a comment on a petition in support of Robinson, from a “Sherri Peach”.

Signing a campaign for Robinson to be handed the “Pride of Britain” award, Peach posted the comment: “Tommy is a national hero”.

In effect, this means that BBC Question Time platformed someone with a long history of supporting racist figures/groups, and amplified her opinions to an audience of millions – while entirely failing to warn viewers about her political associations.

We need answers urgently about how this happened, and how it will be prevented from happening again.

The BBC has lost a lot of goodwill among liberal progressives. These sort of catastrophic blunders show us all exactly why.


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