BBC Question Time slammed for platforming anti-immigrant hate

BBC Question Time has been blasted on social media for giving a platform to vile, anti-immigrant hate.

The world’s worst political debate programme last night asked its audience to comment on Priti Patel’s new post-Brexit immigration reforms, announced this week.


However, the discussion was taken over by one woman, who insisted we should “completely close the borders.”

She falsely claimed that immigrants are “flooding” the country – clogging up public services and sponging off benefits.

“What sort of country is allowing this tourism to come in?” she asked.

“You arrive on a plane. You get free services. You can have your babies. You can just carry on having it all for free,” she claimed.

In reality, as a multitude of studies have shown, immigrants contribute far more to the UK economy than they take out.

But that didn’t stop Question Time broadcasting this woman’s bigoted views to millions of people.

Not only that, they clipped up her racist diatribe and posted it on social media without any fact checking or opposing perspective.

As campaign group Best for Britain tweeted in response: “Broadcasting such opinions to millions of people and framing them as valid, merely normalises the expression of such racist views.”

For context, I used to run the social media accounts of a BBC political debate programme, and I would (rightly) have been bollocked by a senior editor for even thinking about doing this.

We think it’s vital to stand up to Tory attacks against the BBC. But, let’s be honest, BBC Question Time should be scrapped.


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