BBC Question Time slammed for platforming anti-immigrant hate

BBC Question Time has been blasted on social media for giving a platform to vile, anti-immigrant hate.

The world’s worst political debate programme last night asked its audience to comment on Priti Patel’s new post-Brexit immigration reforms, announced this week.


However, the discussion was taken over by one woman, who insisted we should “completely close the borders.”

She falsely claimed that immigrants are “flooding” the country – clogging up public services and sponging off benefits.

“What sort of country is allowing this tourism to come in?” she asked.

“You arrive on a plane. You get free services. You can have your babies. You can just carry on having it all for free,” she claimed.

In reality, as a multitude of studies have shown, immigrants contribute far more to the UK economy than they take out.

But that didn’t stop Question Time broadcasting this woman’s bigoted views to millions of people.

Not only that, they clipped up her racist diatribe and posted it on social media without any fact checking or opposing perspective.

As campaign group Best for Britain tweeted in response: “Broadcasting such opinions to millions of people and framing them as valid, merely normalises the expression of such racist views.”

For context, I used to run the social media accounts of a BBC political debate programme, and I would (rightly) have been bollocked by a senior editor for even thinking about doing this.

We think it’s vital to stand up to Tory attacks against the BBC. But, let’s be honest, BBC Question Time should be scrapped.


We write news that exposes the deception of populism and the hypocrisy of the elites who peddle it. We run campaigns that allow us to work together to fight back.

We hate Brexit. We hate Boris. We hate the far-right. We want climate action, the end of austerity, and a pro-European future.

Press for change.

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6 responses to “BBC Question Time slammed for platforming anti-immigrant hate

  1. Nigel Farage: 33 appearances on QT last time I checked and he has NEVER been an MP, but is billed as a political expert; Audiences filled with stooges (the man in the white shirt, claiming to be worried about his daughters, who turned out to be a Tory Party activist); multiple claims from people trying to get on the programme that the ‘selection’ system is skewed towards extreme views to generate click bait comment; Fiona Bruce, taking sides, shutting down debate, and giving extreme views credence, without any research or, indeed, knowledge of the facts. And that’s just off the top of my head eating porridge this morning! A bit of checking would turn up a vast amount more of bias on this programme in particular. The BBC is the mouthpiece of the Conservative establishment; the crowning irony is that it is currently the subject of a right wing Cummings coup.

  2. I consistently hear and read that the BBC has been taken over by left wing views. This makes me so mad as it is patently untrue! I agree QT should be scrapped and thanks to Wendy Knight for her cogent comments….

  3. omg BBC has been so left wing biased for decades. ….and if you don’t think economic migrants from 3rd world countries don’t clog up the nhs and welfare system, you far leftists extremists are deluded. i for one am sick of paying taxes to support other countries people. why don’t you lefties go to other African and Asian countries and lobby their government’s to maybe look after their own people better? Oh yeah, because they have brown skin you can’t possibly do that!

    1. Des you do realise that you’re more likely to be treated on the NHS by an immigrant than to be standing behind one of them in the queue? Do you also realise that immigrants are net contributors to our economy? Oh, and before you take a personal swipe at me – I’m the daughter of an immigrant, have worked for decades delivering health and social care services, have not only worked in Africa and Asia delivering these services too but – horror of horrors- I have brown skin!
      What’s your contribution to society been?

      1. Is that really true ?

        40% of nhs workers in London were born outside of the UK, and the percentage of londers born outside the UK ….. also 40%.

        Bame employees make up about 20% of nhs staff vs 13/14% of the uk population. They are not over represented but are not saving the nhs as we are regularly told.

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