BBC under fire for misidentifying black MP

The BBC has come under fire, after it mislabelled a black MP during its House of Commons live stream.

The broadcaster has faced criticism after – in its broadcast of the budget debate – BBC Parliament mislabelled Florence Eshalomi, Labour MP for Vauxhall as Taiwo Owatemi, Labour MP for Coventry North West.


Writing on Twitter, Eshalomi – who was elected to the House of Commons in 2019 – said these mistakes happen “far too often”.

She said: “Dear BBC Parliament thank you to the hard working staff still ensuring that viewers are kept informed about debates in the chamber but this ‘mistake’ is happening far too often. In case of any doubt I am Florence Eshalomi, the proud Labour & Coop MP for Vauxhall”.

Meanwhile, Labour councillor Jason Ochere said the mistake was “poor”.

It is not the first time the BBC has struggled to identify black female MPs. Last month, the broadcaster was forced to apologise after mislabelling Labour MP Marsha de Cordova as Labour frontbencher Dawn Butler.

Then, in an article about this mistake, the Evening Standard mislabelled de Cordova as another black female Labour MP – Bell Ribeiro-Addy.

But it now seems the media has not put the necessary measures in place to avoid these blunders from happening again.

Leonie Cooper, a Labour London assembly member said the error was “careless, insulting racism”.

What a shambles.


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One response to “BBC under fire for misidentifying black MP

  1. this is just a error by the BBC,but to be mistaken for Butler who is prone to errors herself affecting giraffes and the homeless, wow thats not good could have been worse could have been our own Di Abbott ! BBC on our side allways. rise

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