Backlash as far-right Italian leader Matteo Salvini heads to Liverpool

A huge backlash has been sparked after people in Liverpool discovered that Italian far-right leader Matteo Salvini is due to visit the city.

According to the Liverpool Echo, concerns have been raised after an event was found online indicating that Salvini will host a reception in a Liverpool restaurant on 28th March.


Commenting on the event, one user said: “We’ve run the fascists out of Liverpool a bunch of times, looks like this will be another one to add to the list.”

Another said: “I can’t see the good people of Liverpool letting this go ahead without a protest.”

Leader of the far-right party Lega Nord (The League), Salvini is an anti-immigration politician who has previously called for a “mass cleansing” of Italy.

Last week, a Tory MP was embroiled in scandal after he praised the Italian leader and attended an event with him. And now, it seems Salvini will be returning the favour, travelling to England and spreading his message. It also looks like the Lega Nord leader will be hosting an event in London on 3rd March – although neither event lists specific details about what they will entail.

Another scouser said: “Can’t see this ending well. Fascist/ far-right rallies have all, without exception, been chased out of town.”

Let’s hope it happens again.


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3 responses to “Backlash as far-right Italian leader Matteo Salvini heads to Liverpool

  1. Enough is Enough
    #GeneralStrike please. In support of #ProportionalRepresentation and another Referendum on EU membership.

    1. So you prefer domestic knife crime instead. Knife crime is knife crime as far as I’m concerned, even when carried out by patriotic white skinheads.

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