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Author explains how Keir Starmer helped jail her “terrifying” stalker

An author has explained how her local MP Keir Starmer forced the police to act after she was the victim of stalking.

Writing on Twitter, Bella Mackie explained how the Labour leadership contender helped her deal with a “terrifying” stalking case that took place over three months, without police support.


She said: “Some of you know I was stalked a few years ago.

“The police weren’t great initially. Was told to buy a baseball bat.”

She said that it was not until Starmer stepped in that the police took action.

She said:

Labour members will soon receive their ballot papers and cast their votes on the next leader of the party. Polls have indicated that Starmer is the favourite to win, coveting the support of influential members of the party and winning the most local party nominations so far.

Positive evidence of his actions as a local MP will cement his support base.

And Starmer has long been an advocate for victims of stalking. In 2016, he introduced a private member’s bill with anti-stalking charity Voice4Victims to provide a right of appeal against decisions to stop criminal investigations.

At the time, he said: “Victims should be at the heart of our criminal justice system. At the moment, though, too many victims are afraid to come forward and most victims who do say they wouldn’t come forward again. That has to change”.

Now, Mackie has revealed how Starmer directly helped to put her stalker behind bars.

Speaking about the case, she said: “None of that would have happened without Keir Starmer. Not everyone takes stalking seriously as I discovered. He did”.

Meanwhile, Tom Watson, former deputy leader of the Labour Party said: “This is not a small thing! And it will be read with great interest by many members who are considering who to support”.


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