The new Arron Banks? Meet the man bankrolling Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party

Proving yet again that his party represents the working man, Nigel Farage has raised a whopping £3 million from a rich, former Tory donor.

New statistics released this morning from the Electoral Commission show that Christopher Harborne donated an eye-watering £3m to Farage’s party between the period of July and September this year.


Harborne was until very recently an active donor to the Conservative Party – having donated over £250,000 between 2001 and 2018.

However, the right-wing fundraiser seems to have changed his colours, and is now pretty much single-handedly funding Farage’s operation.

Indeed, during the period from July to September, Harborne contributed nearly 90% of the Brexit Party’s income – £3m out of £3.39m. This is despite the fact that Farage has regularly claimed that his party both represents, and is funded by, ordinary people.

Judging by past reports, Harborne’s financial history is anything but normal. Red Roar reported in 2018 that Harborne was linked to five offshore businesses listed in the Panama Papers. Two of these businesses operate in the aviation sector – one supplying fuel and the other selling high-end private aircraft.

The Panama Papers revealed thousands of entities that were using offshore havens to evade paying tax.

As followers of Farage will know, the Brexit Party leader has a habit of coaxing excessive donations from gullible anti-EU donors. Arron Banks, who bankrolled the Leave.EU Brexit campaign, personally funded Farage to the tune of £450,000 after the referendum.

Although Banks hasn’t followed Farage to his new venture, it seems that the Brexit Party leader has found a businessman with equally deep pockets.