This is how anti-Brexit protestors are planning to mark “Brexit day”

Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has returned to the House of Commons this week – marking one of the final stages in our extended departure from the European Union.

Barring a miracle (though we’re still praying for one), Britain will leave the EU on 31st January.


Brexiteers are hatching various plans to gloat about their victory, with Nigel Farage even wanting to host a £100,000 party in Parliament Square.

However, anti-Brexit campaigners will also be marking the occasion with one final protest.

The EU Flag Mafia – a pro-EU campaign group – has said it will be adorning “motorway bridges, stations and monuments” with the EU flag, to speak for the 16.1 million people who voted against Brexit.

Brexit is a national cock-up of epic proportions. We need to show Boris Johnson that we will continue to hold him to account, no matter what.


3 responses to “This is how anti-Brexit protestors are planning to mark “Brexit day”

  1. Turkey’s voted for Xmas. Government responsibility is to save the people from themselves. Not only did they abdicate this responsibility they told many lies. Time will tell,they and the right wing press of the U.K. should be ashamed.
    The rich will benefit and the poor will suffer even more. The Tory Party is& always will be the Nasty party, greed& no compassion.

  2. A lot of effort for nothing, get to the pub instead, brexiteers can celebrate while remoaners can drown their sorrows, perhaps wetherspoons would be a good choice 🙂

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