Brutal anti-Boris adverts are being planted on the London Underground

Anti-Boris campaigners are planting adverts on the London Underground, that feature some uncomfortable facts about Johnson and the Conservative Party.

One of the adverts (seen above) highlights how Tory budget cuts have caused a crisis for women’s domestic violence refuges, to the extent that they are now forced to turn thousands of women away.


Another highlights the Conservatives’ record on the NHS, saying that, “Boris isn’t giving our hospitals a penny.”

Johnson has recently announced new investment into the NHS – though, as the ad points out, this barely makes up for the amount that the Tories have stripped from the health service since 2010.

The adverts were put up by the campaign group fckboris.com, who have launched a “mass poster campaign” to take the fight to the PM.

A worthwhile initiative, if ever we’ve seen one.

3 responses to “Brutal anti-Boris adverts are being planted on the London Underground

  1. Nice, I love it, but I do have one small thing to say the services for men needing help because of abusive partners is even worse,
    And the family courts as well don’t seem to care if a father ends up on the street, many things need changing and never get done because of the greedy party in power.

  2. With a December election lined up, your messaging is vital. Is there scope to spread these wider , ie outside of London?

  3. London is not enough, this should be seen everywhere, England, Scotland, Wales, and yes Northern Ireland.
    Loads of people don’t have access to social media, and might never see this.

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