Ann Widdecombe stands by “slaves” comparison

Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe has defended her decision to compare the British people to “slaves”.

BBC Newsnight presenter Emma Barnett suggested to Widdecombe that her comments, made to the European Parliament, showed “white privilege” by using “the word ‘oppression’ in such an easy, cavalier manner.”


In response, the South West MEP said: “The comparison is between oppressors and the oppressed throughout history, in different ways. I didn’t just restrict it to slavery.”

Indeed, in her two-minute speech yesterday, Widdecombe also compared the British people to “peasants” and subjects of colonialism. It would be interesting to hear which of these Widdecombe thinks is a better analogy.

The former Tory minister also told Newsnight that she had received “loads” of congratulatory emails from constituents about her speech. Perhaps they resembled this “letter” that Nigel Farage allegedly received from a 10 year-old “fan”.

Widdecombe has faced widespread criticism for her remarks. Liberal Democrat MP Chuka Umunna called them “grossly offensive” while People’s Vote campaign Femi Oluwole called them “simply immoral”.

Despite this public outcry, Widdecombe still thinks she’s right. No change there then.

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