Angela Merkel Leave.EU poster brilliantly adapted to mock Nigel Farage instead

An anti-German poster shared by the pro-Brexit campaign group Leave.EU has been cleverly adapted to poke fun at Nigel Farage instead.

Yesterday, Leave.EU once again disgraced itself by posting an image on social media of Angela Merkel with the words: “We didn’t win two world wars to be pushed around by a kraut.”


However, now, the poster has been tweaked to knock down the Brexit Party leader instead.

We don’t know why exactly the creator of this image is accusing Farage of being a fraud. We can only guess it’s because he claims to be a “man of the people” while accepting hundreds of thousands of pounds from former Bullingdon Club billionaires.

Leave.EU was the unofficial leave campaign during the 2016 referendum – bankrolled by Arron Banks and led by Farage. The campaign was frequently accused of peddling anti-foreigner populism during the referendum.

It seems not a lot has changed.


Angry at Farage? Call on him and his MEPs to give up their salaries to people who will suffer due to Brexit.

62 responses to “Angela Merkel Leave.EU poster brilliantly adapted to mock Nigel Farage instead

  1. You and your campaign will and already is destroying the lives of pensioners retired in the EU.Early retirees may well lose thousands as pensions may be stopped or at lease frozen.Those retired will have to pay for their healthcare.This means the world to them but nothing to you.

    1. Didn’t the majority of elderly vote out as we’re constantly reminded? Now you’re saying the elderly on the continent will suffer. We obviously can’t win with the selfish bridade, can we. Stop think of yourselves and start thinking of the country that gave you what you have. We may be GREAT again if the whino remainers stop blaming everything and everyone else and remember the sacrifices that were made for tosspots like yourselves!

      1. I am nonthinking of myself. I am thinking of my country, I am thinking of the great trade deals we have in place with EU countries and all the other countries that have negotiated trade deals with the EU. I am thinking of the freedom of movement that allows the NHS to function, that allows our brightest and best to create wealth for the UK by operating without tariffs and bureaucracy in 27 other countries. I am thinking of the scientific, military and intelligence cooperation that helps the UK’s prosperty and security. I am thinking of the nightmare unfolding when Trump takes over the NHS and becomes our actual master instead of being more than equal members of a great trading bloc. I am thinking of the millions of jobs dependant on our EU membership. I am thinking of our veto on all the things Brexiters tell us we would fear – Euro, Shengen, Turkey, ever closer union, EU army.

        What ‘sacrifices’ have you made for ‘tosspots’ of the ‘selfish brigade’ like me? Patriotism is wanting the best for your country, not accepting the slow destruction of it because 37% of the electorate were conned by disaster capitalists.

      2. I would think it’s easier to retire to Spain, Greece or Portugal, mainly thanks to the buying power of the Pound in those countries.

        Loving ones country involves not doing harm to it, not remaining silent while fanatics and trouble makers steer the country off a cliff, and say they’re doing it because of patriotism; while the hedgefund brokers in Mayfair make immortal investments, betting on No-Deal Brexit sending the pound reeling and damaging stocks on the FTSE, which they intend to clean up at bargain prices.

        I’m sorry, but anybody who doesn’t see the danger must incredibly ignorant, blind, draft or merely negligent; or all the above.

        1. It wasn’t 17.4 million that were wrong, it was the 1.4 million prejudiced xenophobes (that’s a euphemistic phrase flagged up for the less able!)what won it. The same folk who thought the Merkel poster was clever, the same folk who chant racist comments at football matches, the same drongos who don’t know the difference between the ecj and the echr.the one thing that does unite them is dislike of people of other races, enabling the slimmest majority in any referendum to give Uber capitalists the opportunity to rake it in! And at their expense poor things. Talk about thick?

    2. Whereas the majority of retired people favoured leave campaign, the ‘fought wars’ argument fails because the overwhelming majority of the few war veterans left are actually remainers. This is because they value the security offered by unity. The younger ‘leave voters’ are simpy xenophobic selfish individuals who have seen things getting better year by year – particular after we joined the common market, and they are jealous of youth, and they want to spoil the prospects of any future prosperity for the young people of today.

    3. Dear Pam,
      You may not be aware that almost half the pensioners living overseas do not receive their full pension – otherwise known as the Frozen Pensions scandal. Pensioners in the EU receive uprating (that is increases in line with their UK counterparts) because of an EU ruling whereby the UK was advised that it is against EU legislation to discriminate against their own (i.e. UK) citizens.
      Of course all citizens regardless of where they live should be entitled to full uprating and it is quite reprehensible that the UK discriminates against it’s own citizens .

      1. Is that right?
        Tell you what-we’ll Leave the corrupt EU and you can them
        all your money instead?
        We won’t mind that at all!

      2. I have an IQ of 136 and I voted to leave because of the corruption in the EU, the EU needs to be cleaned up and changed to better represent the people, GOOD RIDANCE

  2. Wake up remainders if the eu is so great why is Porsche (a German company) planning currently for the eu to collapse in 3 years let’s get out now..

  3. We’re leaving simply because we voted OUT. Europe will still be there and GB will still be in the same geographical location. This corrupt union is not what we asked for but if you’re so desperate to be part of it, you should of thought about the consequences back in 2016 when perhaps you may of applied for citizenship to one of 27 EU states. Accept and shut it. Nobody is listening to the vegan, gender bender brigade as you talk out of your backsides which is not good for the planet as you all seem to think.

    1. The EU is a MONEYPOT for the rich and ex MP’s LOOk at Tony Blair….. Neil Kinnock…..and their Wives…..absolutely loaded with CASH all from the EU propping them up…..

  4. UK workers waiting for their pensions won’t agree with you Pam b, as we pay more into the EU than almost all of the other states, but retire later and on lower pensions than other Europeans. We pay for foreign pensioners to be better off than our own. And anyway you left Britain so that’s the consequence of your actions.

    1. Contributions are based on national income so as a wealthy country we pay more, it’s like tax – if you earn a lot then you pay more than someone who does not. Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium and France pay more as a proportion of GNI (Gross National Income) than us.

      You are correct that in a few EU countries the state pension is much higher than in the UK, surely that is a reason to remain because it is not the EU that are keeping our pensions low it is the UK government. If the EU controlled us like you lot seem to think then wouldn’t our pensions match those of France and Germany? Retirement ages are pretty much the same except for France.

      Please explain how ‘we pay for foreign pensioners to be better off than our own’. If you believe that the non-existent Brexit dividend would be used to increase pensions in the UK then you’re going to be disappointed.

      Telling someone that because they left Britain they should suffer the consequences of their actions after paying in to the UK system for their whole working lives is unpleasant – jealous?

      1. I spent 21 years in the army and another 20 as a ppo driver, my pension is 1600 a month which would be double if I was in an EU country. I’m now on a disability with medication to keep me alive, and I’m not worried about leaving with a no deal. But I am worried about our democracy, our freedom as a country and the ability to be able to do trade deals around the world which we cannot do in the EU. But one thing nobody has mentioned on here is about Ford who moved to the EU with European grants the same as vaxhall, and many other companies. The remoaners have been trying to use fear tactics from the beginning and we still voted to leave, as a remainer I will vote leave if the traitors in our government try to distroy the democracy of a country that I love by overturning the referendum

        1. Dear doc, surprised you’ve not noticed that the only people who can change the referendum result IS the people. Democracy is hard work innit!
          Ps the technical term for such a small majority is ‘ of no practical or material significance’.

  5. All these crying remoaners just make me want to leave even harder. Cry into your cornflakes dear snowflakes your world has ended. It is time for the patriots to rise!

    1. Hey, I know a guy who thrived on people like you, because they are easily manipulated by angry nationalist propaganda. You should look him up. He died 74 years ago in a bunker in Germany.

  6. There is only one sinking ship and it is not the EU.
    Remember the USA is Irish, little Britain will not be getting any great trade deals there.
    All this talk about the commonwealth coming to the rescue (only wishful thinking).
    The Indian Times had a recent headline, ‘does Britain think we have forgotten how they treated us’.

    1. The UK has no need to be “rescued” by the Commonwealth. If money is all you care about, while dismissing the concept of democracy and the responsibility of a self governing independent nation, then by all means emigrate to an EU country. The UK Is leaving the EU. And by the way, the EU minus the UK has a smaller economy and smaller GDP per head than an alliance of Anglosphere countries would have. I have the numbers. Entering the EEC was the biggest failure of nerve in British history.

  7. Oh yes the EU has been great for our country, NHS cut to the bone, welfare cuts for the elderly, schools funding cuts, police force cuts, armed forces cuts, councils funding cuts, oh and look at that here we are in the 21st century and we have food banks, yes the EU gravey train has done us PROUD, oh no it hasn’t, good for jobs, yes only if your business is working with the EU system you can’t trade with anyone else unless EU says so, that is why we voted to leave the EU gravey train and sooner the better, then the money can be spent on England first not to feed the luxurious lifestyles of the EU gravey train riders.

    1. Paul B The EU played no part whatsover in food banks, austerity, or any of the cuts to the services you state. The Tory government is totally responsible for all those measures, Brussels were not involved in any shape or form.

      1. What planet do you live on .
        On this one the EU agricultural policy pays farmers in the UK not to farm . Fishermen have to through back 25% of their catch as the fish size don’t meet EU guide lines so we have to import foods , via some half arsed deal that the EU think is preferable to home grown products . Thats reason there are food banks . Spain prior to joining the EU could literally feed Europe, now the agriculture industry in Spain is on its knees and rural communities are living in poverty . I suppose the government is to blame .

    2. Paul B please stop blaming the EU for the failure of the UK government to adequately fund the NHS, the police, youth facilities and schools.

      The EU has nothing to do with the political ideologies of the political ideologies of the UK parties. There’s a lot we have gained from the EU and there’s a lot we have given to the EU. The people that support leaving tend to highlight what’s wrong with the EU and remainers tend to focus on what’s good about the EU. The truth lies in between.

      We won’t get rid of the money laundering that’s in London, the widening gap between the rich and poor in this country, the reduction in pensions and benefits of UK citizens. The EU didn’t cause the financial collapse, we didn’t go to Iraq cause of the EU and we didn’t bomb Libya coz of the EU

  8. If any of the 17.4 million who voted to become poorer are okay with that, then I guess all is well in their world. Still, a blue passport makes it all worthwhile. Rule Britannia , land of hope and glory. Britain is a sad, nasty place to be these days. Let’s hope Mr Johnson finds his ditch pretty soon.

  9. EU are there for one reason POWER which is why the incoming foreign commission for the EU stated last week he demands up to 60,000 EU troops on the ground and no country can veto from any action that the EU decides to take. More and More money goes into the EU project than back out. Lets also not forget the leader of the Liberal’s her husband is director of a company which receives substantial funding from the EU with payouts, of course the majority of the remain want to remain. Will Audi or BMW stop selling cars to the UK? No Not when 1 in 7 German cars are sold in the UK.

    We can still have trade deals (before anyone says we DO pay for our trade deals they are not free) how much is it a week to be a member of the EU again?

    1. The joke is on you having to live in a society where ‘the Bad Boys of Brexit’ have manipulated and conned half of the people into thinking what they want is better for everyone and if anyone is against it the receive hate and death threats. No one voted for more hate.

  10. The collusion by some of the Remainers, who have been colluding with the EU, to overturn the once in a lifetime referendum to leave the EU, will be talked about for centuries.
    We would have had a good deal, if remainers hadn’t grovelled to the EU. You hoped by getting a bad deal, that you could overturn the vote. The EU realised that you had no decency and would collude against your own country and democracy and took this weakness as a sign that by giving a bad deal, remainers could overturn the democratic result to leave the EU.
    The EU will realise that we and they are better off out now. Better for us and better for the EU. In leavers would cause mayhem. We would fight for justice with every ounce of our bodies. We will never forget the treachery and collusion of certain remainers.

    1. The mere fact that you are using the word ‘collusion’ shows quite clearly where you have been getting your information, because I would guess you didn’t use it quite as often before a certain someone was president of the United States. This talk about enemies, collusion and treason isn’t helping anyone and is a clear sign the losing side just wants to change the perception. Finding a scapegoat is a typical fascist powerplay. Social media has been weaponized and is used in many countries by parts of the political and economic elite to essentially control the executive and parts of the legislative, adding a little incentive here and there ( usually capital) and voilà; you can destabilise a democracy for your financial advantage. The only problem for you and me is:
      Like in any cheers game is better the kings who are the first victims, it’s always the pawns like us who pay the price…

  11. The reason I voted out is for every lorry driver in the uk who is more regulated than airline pilots thanks to the EU no matter what we do we are wrong without the trucks you get nothing so why keep kicking them and blaming them for everything at least nigel Farage is trying to help the common man.

  12. If all you remainers really think it’s so great to be a member of the EU, why don’t go and live in one of the 27 countries and let the ones who voted for brexit get on with there lives away from the likes of France and Germany, I believe in democracy unlike you snow flakes, have the courage of your convictions and fuck off over there

    1. Scotland and Wales are going to far-off over there. Br exit will become what it really is. English nationalist/patriotic exit project. Congratulations.

    2. ‘Send them back! Send them back!’ And ‘You’re not British anymore!’ Loving the right wing… Unleash your inner Trump on remoaners. Further, I recommend to borrow some nazi terms like Volksverrater- traitors of the people; and the always current ‘betrayal’ theme. That never goes out of fashion. It certainly worked for Hitler. Just a question… what do you guys call yourselves? Concerned citizens? Patriots? Fair is fair, I mean fascists, communists, nazis all these peoples’ movements have cool names. Brexiteers… that’s kind of a one trick pony. You need to keep the hate alive after your shitshow comes to an end.

  13. I agree, anyone not accepting the vote to leave needs to leave the UK and go live in Europe. It’s time the UK left after three years of remainer disinformation and downright anti-democratic tactics.

  14. Was Britain poor before it joined the EU? So Britain can stand on it’s own without the EU. If Britain leaves the EU it will flourish better than any other country around the World. More than 50 commonwealth countries are still allegiance to Britain, the problem was the EU was trying to get rid of the commonwealth countries not to work with Britain. I want to challenge the EU to create democracy, employment, Healthcare systems etc in those remaining 27 countries so that all is moving on the same pace and avoid the immigration crisis around.

  15. Hmm more of you are lazy looking for hand outs and benefit…you dim..look at the bigger picture UK we are not in control of anything under eu.

  16. The real reason to leave the EU has now shown its ugly face. It’s all about hate for people who speak a different language or are a different colour or religion. The people who voted out are normally old crumbles who cannot even remember their grandchildrens name’s or your typical Witherspoons drinker who finds it difficult to spell his name. It’s instigated by farage who was abused by his father and has wanted revenge in anyway possible to prove his worth. As for Johnson he would have done anything to be the prime minister even if it ment destroying his own nation. I was going to say his country but by birth he is a yank. And for all these twats who say the UK can manage on its own. It cannot.

  17. What gets me every time is when the leave side always agrues the referendum was democratic. If lying, cheating, manipulating and outright brainwashing is democratic then our world is truly lost and I will go and live in the hinterlands like a lot of people are telling me to. But unlucky for you, I will never given up and you will encounter snowflakes like me at every turn. And chances are most leavers are a few decades older than me and all I have to do is persist and resist and when you’re gone, we will rejoin the EU and all of this was for nothing. Congrats.

  18. If while in the EU we cannot to trade deals outside the EU. Why have supermarkets got newzeland lamb in their freezers. Why are shops full of goods made in china. Samsung mobile phones are here all made outside Europe. We were told we cannot make our own laws bet we do, so many contradictions. What is the truth, or is everything a lie.

  19. You publish 2 images of the poster of nigel garage. Where is the original image with Angela Merkel. Surely this is unfair as both need the ego boost.

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