Andrew Sabisky

Andrew Sabisky turned down help from right-wing snowflake “union”

Andrew Sabisky, the disgraced former Downing Street aide, turned down help from a right-wing union founded by Toby Young.

Sabisky was fired from his new role yesterday, after the press revealed his abhorrent views about race and eugenics.


Notably, Sabisky suggested compulsory contraception should be used to stop a “permanent underclass” while he also defended eugenics in an interview with Schools Week.

The former aide also said that black Americans have a lower IQ than white Americans and that there could be genetic reasons for “the very real racial differences in intelligence”.

However, Toby Young didn’t think Sabisky had been treated fairly, and offered to help Dominic Cummings’ protege.

Tweeting last night, Young – who himself has questionable views about eugenics – claims he encouraged Sabisky not to quit, and to instead join his new “Free Speech Union”.

As we highlighted last week, Young has founded a new “union” to defend right-wing snowflakes from entirely justifiable media attacks.

Young claims that Sabisky was hounded out of Downing Street, while others have pointed out that we have the right to scrutinise the people we pay to run the country.

As David Allen Green tweeted last night: “Freedom of speech means freedom from legal sanction, not freedom from consequence.”

A big early victory for Young’s new project. Not.



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