Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen’s history of stupid comments

Yesterday, Tory MP and Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen caused a stir after he tried to defend Jacob Rees-Mogg’s insulting suggestion that the Grenfell fire victims should have had the “common sense” to flee the building.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, Bridgen said that Rees-Mogg was more intelligent than the victims and “would have made a better decision”.


But, unsurprisingly, this insensitive remark is just one of many stupid comments the North West Leicestershire MP has made in the past. Here’s a selection of the others.

Defending Boris Johnson’s “racist” burka comments

Last year, Bridgen defended Boris Johnson for describing Muslim women who wear the burka as “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”.

Despite others calling the words “racist”, Bridgen used a Good Morning Britain interview to claim that people were merely campaigning to “discredit and humiliate” the now Prime Minister and said that he “should stick to his guns”.

Sticking to his guns later resulted in a Muslim women being called a “letterbox” in a supermarket, thanks to Johnson normalising the slur.

Lord Farage

In August, perhaps feeling threatened by the rise of the Brexit Party, Bridgen reached out to its leader on talkRADIO. He said that Farage should join the Tories and support the government, and said if he did so “there’d be a place in the House of Lords for Lord Farage.”

This is pretty awkward given that one of the Brexit Party’s few policies is to abolish the House of Lords. However, given Farage’s arrogance, that may not stop him taking Bridgen up the offer.

Boris Johnson resignation threat

Andrew Bridgen said that Boris Johnson would “rather resign” than ask the EU for a Brexit extension, in September. Weeks later Johnson asked the EU for a Brexit extension and did not resign.

Accusing Macron of bringing down the UK government

Johnson certainly isn’t a natural diplomat, and neither it seems is Bridgen.

The Tory MP said that if Johnson does not win a majority at the next election, the leader of France will intentionally cause delays at Calais in a no-deal Brexit scenario to bring down the UK government.

Claiming Ireland wants to leave the EU

In one of his more delusional statements, Bridgen said that Ireland, whose border has been the subject of much deliberation precisely because it is remaining in the European Union, will be the next country to leave the EU.

Ireland, which is in the Eurozone, has no plans to leave the European Union.

5 responses to “Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen’s history of stupid comments

  1. the quality of many of many of our mps is a joke. please his constituents think more carefully about giving this Bridgen guy a salary. Absolutely pompous and i know better than u all type. He certainly doesnt represent anyone let alone his constituents with these types of comments. Make him do a proper job . He wouldnt last a day.

  2. Quite simply, the most odious, conceited, ignorant member of parliament by a country mile, his regular gaffes are the thing of legend. However, his assertion that all English citizens have the right to an Irish passport takes the biscuit. His vain attempt to defend himself is quite simply cringeworthy. The funny thing is, he’s so stupid he thinks he’s good. And he gets paid too!

  3. There isnothing wrong with Andrew Bridgen he at least sticks to Leave EU.
    Ad he does look after his constituents, we voted leave.
    But then again this site is set up by gobshite losers and peopled by the same.

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