Amber Rudd: No formal Brexit negotiations taking place with EU

Amber Rudd has said that the government is not making any meaningful efforts to get a Brexit deal with the European Union.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show, after quitting the Cabinet last night and resigning the Conservative whip, Rudd said that Boris Johnson was not treating negotiations seriously enough.


“When earlier this week I asked Number 10 for the progress they had made on a deal, I got a one-page summary,” she said – adding that “80-90% of government time is going into no deal.”

According to Rudd, there is “no formal negotiation” taking place with the EU – making it dangerously likely we will crash out without one.

The former Home Secretary said she has stood down from the Cabinet due to the government’s lack of Brexit negotiations, and Johnson’s decision to remove 21 MPs for voting against no deal last week.

She cited the fact that plenty of MPs have rebelled before, including Jacob Rees-Mogg, and that if Brexiteers hadn’t rebelled against Theresa May’s Brexit plan, “we’d be out of the EU by now”.

Rudd also added that the Cabinet still hasn’t been sent the government’s advice on the legality of prorogation.

“After persistently asking for it, I hadn’t received it when I resigned,” Rudd said.

This, she says, reflects the nature of government – where Cabinet is shut-out of decision-making.

After a week of chaos in Westminster, we’re far from finished yet.

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