Paul Golding

Amazon blasted for selling far-right books

Amazon is facing criticism today after it was found to be stocking a book written by the leader of a far-right political party.

Writing on Twitter, anti-racism group TellMAMA criticised the online retailer for stocking The Battle for Britain, the memoir of Britain First’s Paul Golding, and called on Amazon to “do better”.


Paul Golding leads the openly Islamophobic “party” Britain First, advocating policies that include abolishing the Human Rights Act and castrating sex offenders. He has been jailed for hate crimes, convicted of assault and has recently endorsed the Brexit Party.

TellMAMAUK quoted Amazon’s policies, which prohibit the sale of items that “promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views”, pointing out their hypocrisy for stocking Golding’s work.

And Amazon is not the only giant to ignore its own policies and platform Golding. Despite having a specific hate speech policy, far-right party Britain First has been platformed by YouTube, which has allowed the party to openly spout anti-immigrant hatred.

Now, the disgraced party is being allowed to fundraise through Amazon, too.

Scram News has approached Amazon for comment.


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