Alan Sugar slammed for telling journalists to “support the government”

Professional angry boss Alan Sugar has been roundly mocked for suggesting that journalists should lay off the government during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tweeting last night, the Apprentice host shared a screenshot of what looks like a Facebook post from someone’s mum, with the caption “I agree with all this”.


The post claims that critical journalists are “missing the mood of this great country” by trying to “trip up” politicians about coronavirus. The post adds: “It is time you all changed your negative and political rhetoric for the health of this nation and start supporting our government.”

Where to start.

Well, it seems as though the author of this post – and in turn Lord Sugar – fundamentally doesn’t understand the job of journalists.

The whole point of journalism is to scrutinise people in power. To make sure they’re telling the truth. Or else we risk turning into a totalitarian state where all information is sanctioned and controlled by the government of the day.

And it’s not as though the government hasn’t done anything wrong so far during the coronavirus crisis.

We are heading for one of the worst deaths tolls in Europe. Our testing regime has lagged way behind other countries, health workers still don’t have sufficient protective equipment, and we wasted weeks entertaining a pseudo-scientific “herd immunity” strategy that would have killed 250,000 people. 

It seems that Lord Sugar has once again proven that rich people aren’t always clever people.



2 responses to “Alan Sugar slammed for telling journalists to “support the government”

  1. I am sure Lord Sugar would have been telling journalists to lay off Mr Corbyn had he been elected. Of course he would!

  2. Absolutely agree with him. We are one of the leading countries rolling out the vaccine and still the government are criticised.

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