40% of Brits say Brexit has had an impact on their mental health

A snap poll from YouGov has found that 40% of Brits say that Brexit has had some impact on their mental health.

Following the story this morning that a man in his 40s has become the first to be diagnosed with Brexit-triggered psychosis, YouGov conducted a poll and found that Brexit is causing trauma for much of the nation.


Shockingly, 11% feel as though Brexit has had a large or a fairly large impact on their mental wellbeing.

Given the government has played poker with the rights of three million EU citizens living in this country, it’s little wonder.

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7 responses to “40% of Brits say Brexit has had an impact on their mental health

  1. I live in NI and voted remain. The past few years have been stressful. NI has come so far over 20 years and we are afraid for the future. Why should we leave our friends in the EU to pander to the USA who are only interested in profiting themselves.

  2. I have never felt as depressed about life and living in Britain as I have since Brexit fiasco . I feel really insecure.
    My children have decided to live abroad .
    Like many people I know, I need to take some sort of antidepressant to get through the day

  3. I have felt rage and anger over this farce….I don’t think anyone deserves this foisted upon us….Leavers…well. You reap what you sow. For us in Northern Ireland,I think we have been very badly treated, thanks to B.J

  4. You don’t need to live in Ireland or be living/working in the UK and from elswhere in Europe to be adversly affected by all the current rubbish going on at the moment.Personally I voted to stay but I believe everyone is entitled to hold their own opinion.But I object strongly to this splitting of the population into leavers/ remainers(or brexiters/remoaners) Absolutely disgusting and I feel really screwed up to the extent I can’t concentrate on much else!

  5. Despite taking sleeping pills for the first time in my life, I wake too early every morning with Brexit-related anxiety and spend a few hours reading every latest update and signing petitions before I wake my children to start the day.
    Despite the topic being banned by my father, I no longer speak to siblings as Brexit rage took over normal family conversations. Relationships with friends are also strained as we polarise into Leave and Remain camps. And it hasn’t even happened yet!
    I dread every advertised Brexit date and rejoice each time it is pushed back, only to despair at the thought that even if we get another chance at a referendum, so many comments suggest that a large group would rather drive an ideological bus off a cliff than take the plethora of warnings seriously.

  6. The referendum has damaged this country and will go on damaging it. Whether we leave or not.
    We are divided and the discord that has created is painful and destructive psychologically. The adverse economic effects will cause even more pain. It is a poison in our midst.

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